Winter Ya Shi Xiang

Winter Ya Shi Xiang


Winter harvested Ya Shi Xiang, aka Duck Shit Aroma. Don't let the name put you off! For those who don't know the story, an enterprising farmer who wanted to deter thieves told them that the colour of the soil in the area was due to the abundance of duck poop. Now we're not so fooled.


This is a highly sought after oolong tea from Chaozhou, the home of aromatic single strain oolongs. Ya Shi Xiang is known for a potent floral boquet and a creamy, smooth flavour. The winter pick is to be drunk fresh and tends to fall on the greener side of oolongs. It's prized for its delicacy of flavour and lofty floral aromas, with a hint of raspberrry fruitiness.

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