Qi Lan

Qi Lan


Qi Lan is a heritage variety of Wuyi rock teas (Yancha) that offers superb balance with refined character. It represents the classic Yancha flavour profile with distinction; fruity, woody, intense warmth, and volcanic mineral finish. While some rock teas spike in certain flavour directions, Qi Lan takes the middle road and produces a highly rewarding drinking experience for every day enjoyment. A subtle peach fruitiness with a rich woody depth, finishing in sweet charcoal warmth and minerality on later steeps. A stalwart companion. 


Origin: Wuyishan, Fujian, China

Harvest: Spring 2018

  • Brewing Temperature


  • Brewing Instructions

    Teapot: Add 8g of tea to 600ml of water at 100C. Steep for 3-4 minutes and enjoy.

    Gongfu: Add 8g of tea to brewing vessel. Infuse for short infusions of 10-15 seconds with water at 100C, increasing steep time for further infusions.