Organic Rooibos w/Orange & Ginger

Organic Rooibos w/Orange & Ginger


Organic Rooibos tea with the addition of ginger and orange peel. The tea of South Africa, known for its robust, deep woody spiciness and real warmth of flavour. The addition of orange peel and ginger add a little more zest and complexity to it, adding to te teas ability to warm the body. Great on its own, brewed as strong as you like it. Very forgivng, can be sweetened if you choose, and amazing with a little bit of honey when you're down in the dump with a cold.


Ingredients: Organic Rooibos tea, orange

peel, ginger pieces, natural 

flavourings, marigold blossoms.

  • Brewing Temperature


  • Brewing Instructions

    Teapot: Add 8g of tea to 600ml of water at 100C. Steep for 4-5 minutes and enjoy.