Menghai Tea Heads (2005)

Menghai Tea Heads (2005)

This is a form of Puer tea known as "tea heads", which are agglomerated knots of tea that form during the fermentation process. While the tea leaves are piled and the communities of micro-organisms are fermenting and oxidising them, these little nuggets are bonded together by their activity and the pressure of the leaves. Since most Puer leaves will be pressed into cakes, these tea heads would often go unused as they wouldn't fit well into the pressed cakes. For us, they make for a perfectly convenient way to prepare and enjoy Puer without breaking into a cake. 

This Puer is very well balance and smooth, with no bitternesss. Brew to a light red or a dark oily broth, whechever suits your needs. It has all the classic woody, forest-floor complexity of a ripe Puer, with a good balance of sweetness. Perfect for a cleansing, uplifting experience, from the depth of your bones outward.


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