Luan Gua Pian

Luan Gua Pian


Luan Gua Pian is a distinctive green tea produced in Anhui Province. Created using only single, more mature whole leaves and uniquely flash roasted over charcoal heat, this green tea has a wonderfully full, rounded mouthfeel and a nutty, baked flavour that feels especially nourishing. A very wecloming and forgiving green tea for beginners and connoiseurs alike, this is a great choice for those who eek a bit more depth in their green teas. Brews with a very clean, clear liquor and very low bitterness. 


Origin: Anhui, China

Harvest: Spring 2019

  • Brewing Temperature


  • Brewing Instructions

    Teapot: Add 8g of tea to 600ml of water at 80C. Steep for 2-3 minutes and enjoy.

    Gongfu: Add 8g of tea to brewing vessel. Infuse for short infusions of 10-15 seconds with water at 80C, increasing steep time for further infusions.

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