Matcha Kotobuki Ceremonial Grade 2020

Matcha Kotobuki Ceremonial Grade 2020


A high quality, stoneground, ceremonial grade matcha from the Kirishima volcanic mountain range in Kagoshima. Made from tender first flush Tencha leaves, shaded for 20 days prior to harvest, this exceptional tea conforms to Japanese Agricultural Standards organic status, giving you all the satisfaction of quality you desire when enjoying matcha tea. A velvety smooth, deep umami flavour, with hints of chocolate, and a classic vegetal, sweet flavour. There's no finer way to start the day than to drink in the jade green broth of the finest Japanese Tencha leaves and all their inherent goodness.

  • Brewing Temperature

    70 - 80C

  • Instructions

    Seive 1-2 teaspoons into the base of a wide bottomed cup or bowl. Add 120ml of water and whisk in a vigorous motion to disperse throughout the liquid and create a luscious green froth. Drink as it is or add to steamed milk for a matcha latte.

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