Wild Kingdom Luminescence

Wild Kingdom Luminescence


New from the 2020 spring harvest, this exceptional Vietnamese high mountain white tea from ancient wild tea lands in Ha Giang has brought a whole new dimension of freshness and delight to the table. Like pure energy from nature, this white tea has a smooth, soothing, light flavour, dripping with dewy sweetness like birch water, with citrusy aromatics. Nothing can compare to the the taste of wild tea from ancient trees. The buds show their natural beauty, displaying the abundance of fine, pure white hairs and when brewed the plump juiciness of each bud. A truly unique tea that has to be tasted to be believed and an absolute must for white tea afficionados. 


We work with partners to support these tea producing communities, putting money back into the hands of the people and to help support education and drawing classes for children.

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  • Brewing Instructions

    Teapot: Add 8g of tea to 600ml of water at 90C. Steep for 3-4 minutes and enjoy. Can be brewed a second time.

    Gongfu: Add 8g of tea to brewing vessel. Infuse for short infusions of 10-15 seconds with water at 80C, raising to 90C on further steeps.

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