Au Courant

Au Courant

Our new Vietnamese Yellow Tea hails from the northern hills of Ha Giang and drinks like a raw Puer style tea rather than a Chinese style yellow tea. The tea was harvested from mature, long-standing trees above 1200m on Cao Bo mountain, with a bud and single leaf selected by the plucking style. It was then aged for four years to develop its character to where it is today.


The dry aroma is earthy and deeply floral with the sweetness of lotus leaf. The infusion nestles hints of artichoke with sweet dark orange marmalade. To taste, the bitterness is low and the mouthfeel is full and rounded, with its floral flavour coming through with the aroma and the 'raw' sensation the plump green leaves and thick wild buds. This is a very grounding tea and the feeling goes straight to your core.


Benefiting from a hotter brewing temperature of 90 -100 degrees and a long-ish steep time (3-4 minutes in a large teapot), this tea brings satisfaction with its fullness and measured intesnisty, made all the better by the organic and biodynamic growing practices of the local area.


The first 20 orders of this will receive a complimentary gift of traditional Vietnamese mung bean cakes. The perefct accompaniment! 


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