LAUNCH NIGHT – The Heron Takes Flight


Back in 2017 I made an attempt to re-focus on the business and get it off the ground. For whatever multitude of reasons it never quite materialised, but I have been slowly making my way through those kilos of Darjeeling and Assam that I never quite got around to selling. They still taste great!

Cut to now and IT’S ON! My website is finished, live, and ready for orders, and on the 3rd September I’ll host a launch party here in Perth, Scotland to celebrate the moment. My good friends at 269 Vegan cafe will be playing host to me, my glamorous assistant (cue slap to the back of the head), a whole lot of tea, and whoever ventures out to join us.

I’ll have examples of White Tea, Oolong, Green, Black and Puer, with plenty to go around. There’ll be tea available to buy on the night and some lovely new teapots to get you started. If all goes well, there’ll be a tea infused tipple to toast the night too. Hope to see you there! Any questions just drop us a line:

If you’re thinking about it, please don’t hesitate! Just come along, it’ll be a relaxed, easy going, fun night, where I plan to talk tea and share tea. I’ll start with a little tea history, delve into the different tea types such as green, oolong and black, and brew up some teas to show in the best way possible just what they’re about. My main mission will be to spread the message of just what Ardea is trying to achieve; namely, to promote tea culture as a positive addition to people’s daily life. It starts with understanding what real tea is, developing an appreciation for its flavours, tastes and aromas, and learning how to adapt a tea ritual to your daily routine. It’s easy! It only takes an open mind and some hot water.


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